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About Our Birds

The first thai gamefowl family that we acquired here in the United States was the Spangled Thai Family. This family descended from a pair of birds purchased directly from a breeder in Thailand and imported to the United States in the very early 1990s. Although we call it 'spangled,' about half of the birds from this family were actually of the Leung Hang Khao variety. We no longer have this bloodline. We lost most of this family's key breeders during our transition from California to North Carolina, and over the next several years the line dwindled away.

We currently have several distinct families of thai gamefowl. All of these families are descended from birds imported directly from Thailand or Laos in the early and mid 1990s. All of our main families of birds are briefly described below. Each of these families consists of at least four or five breeder pairs, representing at least two or three generations, and several batches of young from which future breeder birds will be selected. In addition to these families, at any given time we also have sample breeding pairs from other lineages acquired from other breeders.


White Laos-thai

Red Laos-thai

Blue Laos-thai
The laos-thai family of birds is our oldest. These birds originated from a thai gamefowl rooster that was sought out and imported here to the United States from Laos. The bird was bred and produced many high quality offspring before it was sent back to its owner in Laos. This family's key defining attribute, which we use to gauge the purity of this family, is that it breeds out white birds. Every time two white birds appear in the same batch, it is always a pair, one male and one female. Today this family is our primary family of birds. Weights for roosters in this family typically range from 7.5 to 8.5 lbs.
Pakoy / Feather Plucker
In Thailand, birds with the underbelly feather plucker style are called "Pakoy," which, from what we understand, refers to the region or village in Thailand where they originated. Our pluckers are descended from three distinct families - a bearded feather plucker family, a spangled feather plucker family, and a white-tail feather plucker family - which we interbred and carefully selected to produce this new family. The two roosters pictured above are the first generation and foundation of this new family. Weights for roosters in this family usually range from 7 lbs to 8 lbs.
This family was also imported to the United States from Thailand. It was infused with pama (burmese) gamefowl blood some time in its past. This family typically breeds out black birds with orange or red back feathers and neck hackles, and some exhibit speckling on the feet, wingtips, and head. Some have white tails, while some may not. This family also produces birds with the red pama color pattern - a throwback to its pama heritage. Weights for roosters in this family usually range from 7.5 to 9 lbs.
Spangle Thai
This spangle family was derived from our bearded thai family and is not related to our original (and now extinct) spangle thai family. The bearded thai family produces two distinct varieties: the bearded variety, which tends to not be spangled, and a non-beard variant. After a lot of selective breeding, we were able to isolate this non-beard, spangle family. Roosters in this family tend to be about 7 lbs to 8.5 lbs.
Selecting Future Stock
When it comes to our birds, we always breed them to emphasize the same traits that made their predecessors so successful. We do this primarily by selecting breeders that have physical features that are identical or very similar to those of their parents or predecessors. This is the reason why birds that look like their parents (or look like a bird along their ancestral line) are so important to us, as similar physical traits also indicate similar genetic traits. Apart from this, we select our birds and judge their quality based on feather coloration, condition and length, facial features such as eye coloration and beak and feet characteristics, manner of carriage, and what other characteristics we believe are relevant.

Gamefowl Physical Attributes
Our thai gamefowl families usually breed out roosters in the 7 to 8.5 lbs range at full maturity. We don't particularly like small birds (6.5 lbs or less), so we've steered clear of bloodlines that tend to produce smaller birds. We also favor birds with full plumage and long, flowing feathers. This requirement is practical as well as aesthetic. Winters here in North Carolina can be quite cold, therefore birds with a denser plumage tend to fare better than those with a thinner plumage.

Did you know? You can show these birds at your local poultry show! If you are interested, please contact your local poultry club or poultry show organizer for details. Thai gamefowl and most other oriental gamefowl breeds are usually shown under the "large fowl" category because of their size compared to most other show type poultry. Be the first to introduce these beautiful and exotic fowls to your community by showing them at your local poultry show!

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