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Our Old Spangled Thai Family

Our Spangled Thai Family was the first true thai gamefowl family we acquired here in the U.S. The family originated from a foundation pair that was purchased from one of the elite gamefowl farms in Thailand and brought to the U.S. in the very early 1990s. We had the pleasure of keeping this family for about half a decade in central California. During our relocation to North Carolina in 1997, it was this family that we brought with us to found our farm here. Unfortunately, due to complications during our relocation, many of our breeder pairs were lost, and the family never recovered. The last surviving full-blooded member of this family (an old hen) died in late 2004.

These few photos shown here came about largely by accident, and depicts some young roosters from this family. In relocating to North Carolina, we had been forced to do away with many of our birds, as we did not have the resources to bring all of them with us. To one of our close relatives we entrusted several batches of young birds of various ages. Some months after arriving in North Carolina, some of our newfound acquaintances here in the state asked to acquire some stock from this family. As we did not have any birds to spare, we contacted the relative and inquired about the young birds we had left behind. These photos depict some of those young birds, and were sent to us so that the interested parties could see what was available. Years later, long after the Spangled Thai Family had already passed on, we rediscovered these photos in an old box. As we ourselves never took any photos of the Spangled Thai Family, these few photos inadvertantly became the only photos in our possession that depicts this remarkable family. These photos were taken circa 1998.

/Although our Spangled Thai Family is extinct, in one important way it continues to persist and continues to be an important part of our farm to this very day - although exactly how, we will not comment on at this time./

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