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Pama-Thai (Qaib Pama, Qaib Mav Loj)

Our Pama-Thai family is the result of crossing Pama with Thai Gamefowl. This family is known for its power, and regularly breed out hefty, lumbering birds that can top out at 9 lbs or more. Like most birds of Thai and Pama descent here in the United States, our Pama Thais are descended from birds imported directly from Thailand.

For at least the past three decades, the Pama breed has been highly successful in Thailand, carving out a reputation for steadfastness and skill that has made it a dominant force in the sport of gaichon. The most elite game farms in Thailand have the Pama well represented, and many of the most formidable lineages in Thailand today are Pama or Pama crosses.

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