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Laos Thai (Qaib Nplog, Qaib Daj)

Our Laos Thai family is our oldest family of birds and is the representative of our farm. Throughout the nearly twenty years that we have had this family, it has continually produced the finest birds. Much of what our farm is today - and much of the progress we have made over the last two decades - can be attributed to this most important of our bird families.

The Laos Thais originated from a remarkable rooster that was brought to the United States from Laos. This rooster was specifically sought out because of the reputation of his lineage. This paternal ancestor of our Laos Thais looked very much like the black breasted red roosters that the Laos Thai family still breeds out to this day. Our Laos Thai family also has two other color patterns: white and blue breasted red. There is no difference between the three phenotypes aside from the coloration. Highly intelligent and resourceful, this family's foremost strength has always been its adaptability.

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